Company profile
Chengli group is a car、Education、As the main body of investment group company,Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD. Is a important part of chengli group,Is a major pillar enterprises chengli group vehicle plate。2010Years,Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD., covers an area of500m,Employees2000More than one,Production and marketing of all kinds of vehicle10000余台,The output value10One hundred million yuan,Foreign trade exports1500Ten thousand yuan,Turned over to the national tax revenue2000Ten thousand yuan。Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD,The national development and reform commission fixed-point production of various kinds of special vehicles of professional manufacturers,Large dedicated automobile factory。Domestic well-known landscaping、Petroleum chemical industry、Municipal sanitation dedicated car manufacturers。The company has their own export right,Products occupy a large number of foreign countries ......【To check the details】