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  •   Huaian jieya cleaning service co., LTD. Is a collection of specialization and diversification of the company,The company was founded in2009Years is a formal registered by the administration for industry and commerce of huaian,The registered capital100Ten thousand yuan。Existing staff of nearly hundred people,Is engaged in building in huai(Structure)Building material cleaning service specialized company。Since the company founded more than five years,At the huai(Structure)Structures in the environmental services market has been a rapid development,Every year in order to not below20%Growth development。Existing long-term contracts of all kinds of public venues(Sports、Performing arts)、Financial、Higher education park、The building、The hotel、The apartment、And a number of customers in factory。Quality of service、Management level have been recognized by customers widely。Huaian jieya procter & gamble company pursues a consistent“People-oriented、Quality as the soul”The management idea。And will this concept through Yu Baojie service process,Won the general customers the recognition and praise,Set a good corporate image。
      The company has trained a High quality cleaning construction team and rich management experience of management...[To view more]
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