Golden sand lakes block fish field use video-Odbo
Electronic pulse blocking fish
Electronic hunting
Automatic pumping controller

Hanzhong government information network
China's industrial control network
China fisheries e-government network
Electronic production equipment network
China plant network
Chinese equipment first
Industrial control network

   Grassland, electronic technology co., LTD., established in bell2002Years(The original transit equipment),Is a collection of electronic products、Electrical equipment manufacturing、Strong and weak electricity engineering is a high technology enterprise,Owned by a high-voltage electrical engineer、Automation engineer、The network engineer、High level of senior electrician technician and so on,First-class technical team in the region。...
 Electronic pulse stopped fishing   
    Purposes: Library,Pond,River flood prevention fish fled。 Advantages:Compared to the net bar 1、Does not affect the normal water 2、Suitable for any terrain 3、Block fish with high efficiency 4、There is no hanging、Durable aging problem 5、Don't need people management,An installation never maintenance Technical indicators: 1、Pulse frequency:5---20HzIs adjustable 2、Load capacity:The smallest0.5Ohm 3、The output voltage:2200Vp—p 4、The consumed power:2kw 5、The power supply voltage;220V/AC50Hz 6、Using the environment temperature-10---50℃ 7、The humidity of the environment:Less than80% 8、The machine current:3—10A 9、The biggest single block fish surface width85M 10、Block fish maximum depth30M 11、Working form:Continuous 12、The whole machine quality:64 KG
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 Electric fence structure and the working drawing                    
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