Shenzhen JiChang industrial co., LTD

Shenzhen JiChang industrial co., LTD

The main products:Canvas board、Galvanized iron plate、Metal card board、Metal tray

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Enterprise information
  • Shenzhen JiChang industrial co., LTD

  • Company registered address:
    Guangdong province shenzhen baoan district rock town, the third industrial zone
    The registered capital:
    500Million yuan
    Type of enterprise:
    The private enterprise
    The main products:
    Canvas boardGalvanized iron plateMetal card boardMetal tray
Contact information
  • Contacts:
    Mr Tsang
  • Job positio :
    The manager
Boutique shop window
  • Supply black anti-static knife CARDS used in production of precision instruments
  • Strengthen the canvas board supply offer exports、Shenzhen JiChang Tito plate of choice
  • Sales are very good quality blue hollow plate supply、Knife CARDS
  • Supply manufacturers selling insulating plate
  • Air card board,Export processing board,Shenzhen JiChang cypress card board
  • Supply manufacturers selling anti-static hollow plate plate-Shenzhen JiChang
  • New material supply manufacturers selling insulating plate-Shenzhen JiChang
  • Supply agglutination tray、Inspection exemption card board
  • The supply of logistics with metal card board QC1236-Shenzhen JiChang
  • Supply manufacturers selling metal card board-Shenzhen yifeng
  • Shenzhen JiChang galvanized iron plate supply QC1230 |
  • Shenzhen JiChang supply paper card boardQC-3
  • Supply manufacturers selling European standard wood card board-Shenzhen yifeng
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Shenzhen JiChang industrial co., LTD

Shenzhen JiChang industrial co., LTD, The company was founded in1997Years,Successively set up injection molding workshop,Mould manufacturing workshop。The main products:Hollow board,Corrugated board boxes,Hollow board turnover box,Anti-static hollow plate products such as hollow plate。And production of card board,Metal card board,Canvas board,Heavy card board,Light card board,Card board for export,Galvanized products such as professional production and processing of card board supplier,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。In order to better adapt to the needs of the modern enterprise logistics management and export facilities,Company to special2000A huge money founded specializing in the production of environmental protection inspection exemption fumigation-free card board—Metal card board。Timely provide efficient modern enterprise、Convenience、Fast metal card board。

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