2010Hammer in the shenzhen stock exchange listed on the success of the gem,证券简称:Hammer technology,The stock code:300084。

Hammer technology(Group)Co., LTD. Is engaged inOil equipmentManufacturing、Oilfield technical services and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development of the multinational companies。Has branches and offices in China and all over the world。Headquarters is located in China's gansu province lanzhou city national high-tech industrial development zone,Headquartered in Beijing operations center,The equipment processing center located in Shanghai and lanzhou,Research and development and service centers located in xi 'an and Beijing。Hammer technology has already been located in the united Arab emirates、Oman、India、Egypt、Colombia and the United States market,And within the scope of Chinese and international owns a strong team which composed of many nationality。In addition,In hammer technology and management team members hold large international oil companies、National oil companies,International mainstream service and high reputation technology consultancy work experience,And enjoy the doctor and master degree。