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Zhangzhou hong food co., LTD
       Zhangzhou hong leaf food co., LTD. Is located in fujian zhangzhou yong man area,Is a collection research and development、Production、The sale is a body specialized meat、Pastry processing enterprises,The company mainly produces high-grade roasted pork floss、Industrial special pork floss、Pork floss bread special pork floss、Drawing a cake special pork floss、Moon cakes special pork series、Children series pork floss、Breakfast nutrition pork floss, etc。Hon company has always been to“ Quality first  Reputation first “The aim of the,Sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand,Create brilliant。

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Crab roe degeneration
Select fresh meat,Using traditional techniques and modern technology,With a mouthful of crab,Back to the sweet...
Gold velvet meat
The entrance soft,Such as cotton,Chewing the stronger,Tongue,Used for animal modelling lifelike fluffy decoration...
                Silk plain pine
Selected finest chicken,Elaborate into pork,Shredded pork with even thickness, The length is consistent,Keep in the meat juice...
Seaweed crisp shredded meat
The traditional process、The new law;At the same time of lock more fresh juice、Increase the seaweed and sesame、Let no longer drab.

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Zhangzhou hong food co., LTD   
Quality first、Reputation first
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