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[Kong Xiangxi:Go all out to ensure the stability during the National Day][【So spectacular70Years·A new era】From“Matches”To the“Win-win situation”][More and more]
The announcement of the public:·About urged police corruption and evil“The umbrella”The party members and cadres and the public 04-29 ·2017The annual provincial enterprise leading personnel salary information disclosure 02-26 [More and more]
 Enterprise dynamicMore and more>>
National coal bureau inspection to huainan mining group, 9
【Role models】Feng Genyin:Miners turns into a compulsory retirement“Save
【The home culture】Huai mine health pension services company asked for
Huainan mining group, the computer network administrator skills competition
Phoenix electric8In the capacity of record history at the same time
Ezhou power generation co., LTD8In generating a monthly record
Huainan mining group, two programs for the city to celebrate the founding of new China
Huainan mining group, retired worker Feng Genyin won the national
Huainan mining group, a worker named learn LeiFengZhi province top ten
Huainan mining group, the fifth workers sports meet claw
Pan three power plants across the countryCFBThe unit comparison to create success
【Role models】Hellmann:Ensure reliable operation,It's me
Huainan mining group, the fifth workers sports meet claw
Two projects won the national patent authorization ping an engineering company
Color even two ore second intelligent working face and put into production
 The construction of the partyMore and more>>
Issued by the central committee of the communist party of China《The communist party of China party rules regulations
·The central“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education leading group
·Huainan mining group leadership“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that
·Electric power company:Clean“The red line” The style of work“Minefield”
·Coal sales branch:In order to“Major oversight”Escort“Big marketing”
·Huainan mining group“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special warning
·Provincial party committee“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education advanced deeds
·The first topic open good education units“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission
·Huainan mining group leadership constitution early find gap project
·Huainan mining group“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education
 Media focusMore and more>>
Anhui daily:To build large comprehensive energy service provider
·China's coal:Set up a new land to the west
·China's coal:Poly force of agriculture Strong transformation“Bones and muscles”
·China's coal:Huainan mining gas industry layout move later accelerated
·China's coal:Huainan mining group started in student activities
·China's coal:Huainan mining group“Anhui first class”Job
·China's coal:Huainan mining coal associated advantages highlighted
·China energy news:Huai listed in the first coal mine, two power plants associated focus
·China's coal:Sometimes-complex mix-and-match,I have you in
·China's coal:Huai mine ecological agriculture company afternoon wheat560Wan
 The booksMore and more>>
·Huainan MeiKuangJu started with the rise of modern industrial civilization in anhui
·【United front myth】Peng Xuefeng and the anti-japanese national united front
·【United front myth】On the eve of the founding of new China,Are doing the MDC
·【United front myth】Adoption of han Chinese baby
·【United front myth】The growth of the Chinese soil“Great political creation
·【Huai ore old buildings】Nine longgang mine well no. 9
·【United front myth】To commemorate the democratic reform in Tibet60The anniversary!
·【United front myth】The origin of the overseas and ethnic Chinese formulation
·【Huai ore old buildings】Nine old street of longgang
·【Huai ore old buildings】Nine longgang ore south dorm
 Beautiful XieYingMore and more>>
·【The prose】The memory of my teacher The author:Good child
·【Poetry】I and mother of the motherland The author:Liu Fei
·【Prose two chapters】My first teacher The author:Zhao Changtai
·【The prose】Confession of a piece of chalk The author:Yin Xin
·【The prose】Into the zunyi The author:Liang Junming
·【Poetry】Heart to the grassland(A song) The author:,
·【Stick to the party a beginner's mind】Take off the military uniform in tooling Don't forget the beginner's mind is not
·【The prose】In fact you are ordinary like me The author:Zhao Wen di
·【Stick to the party a beginner's mind】Do new age have bear corporate media
·【The prose】The river flows——Impression of the Yellow River The author:,

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