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    Sichuan province in guangyuan city honest auction co., LTD. Is a company with a new management idea、To operate and manage large high starting point of an auction target companies。The company has staff10People,The national register auctioneer1People,The main hammer auction hundreds of millions of assets,There is2.2Million of the gavel,Chengdu、Deyang chain company's performance are ranked top in the province。Company overall is divided into four rooms 2 units(The general manager's office、The office、CeHuaShi、The accounting office、A business、The business department),The staff overall cultural quality high:Have a graduate degree1People,Bachelor's degree3People,College degree6People,Including professional legal adviser、Economist、Marketers and English translation,Company employees have been issued by the China association for auction《Practitioner's qualification certificate》To do so……
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 Address:Seg in guangyuan city building4Floor
The phone:0839-3267726
QQ:Guangyuan honest auction co., LTD
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