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        In nanyang optical equipment co., LTD. Is located in the national famous historical and cultural city,There are Chinese“The hometown of Chinese rose”The reputation of nanyang,Since its establishment has been developing rapidly,Rapid growth of our business。Our company is specialized in the production of milling machine、Hem machine、Grinding machine、Edge grinding machine and other optical equipment,The company set design、Production and manufacturing、After-sales service in one body,In strict accordance with the company's internal management and quality controlISO9001:2015Version international quality management system。Will be adhering to the company“Focus on quality,Win-win cooperation“The enterprise concept,Carry on“Unity、Pragmatic、Learning、Innovation、Zhiyuan“The spirit of enterprise,Constantly create new competitive advantages and development power,For the majority of customers to provide quality products and services,Efforts to build company become internationally competitive modern enterprise。

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