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Low densityledTransaction obstacle lights
Cover type can be turnedLEDHigh-throughput suffused with light beacon
Transaction circuit automatic control system
EmbeddedledFinal approach and departure area light

Certificate of honorCERTIFICATE

The utility model:Multiple sets of light source automatic switch aviation obstruction light
Mechanical and electrical and steel structure engineering qualifications
Safety license
The utility model:The Internet airfield lights display and control system

About us

        Chongqing Wan Ming Yang construction engineering co., LTD., founder of large state-owned enterprises general,It happened23In the airport project construction experience,In recent years, as domestic clearance environment gradually open,Commercial flight and fire rescue helicopter ping construction are flawed,Comply with the local navigation construction boom,In line with the engineering people adhere to quality as the fundamental survival,To build the airport project in one hundred,In order to tomorrow's made his name,Founded in chongqing Wan Ming Yang construction engineering co., LTD!Chongqing Wan Ming Yang construction engineering co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the design at the airport、Airport construction、The airport routes approval service;Product research and development at the airport、Production、The sale in a body's modernized enterprise。        
       Company research and development production of aviation obstruction light products、The lights at the airport、Helicopter pad devices、The navigation equipment;Company is in the main design and construction:Helicopter flat roof、The ground helicopter pad、Marine helicopter pad、Offshore helicopter pad, etc;Specialized contracting airport visual navigation、ChangDao、Atc、Elv systems engineering。Founded at the beginning of the reached an annual output value of eighteen million yuan,Company goals2020Annual output value of RMB>>To check the details