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Huizhou gold with chemical co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in PCB wet process chemicals enterprises,20Over the years,Continuous improvement,Introduction of technology and management,At present main products are etching liquid、Peel tin fluid、Industrial cleaning agents, etc。Company after years of development,Subordinates heiko sends the industry to focus onPCBThe process liquid、Research and development;Industrial wastewater treatment field is committed to environmental protection scheme、Service、Engineering design and equipment manufacturing。

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In addition to the oil(Cleaning agent)
In addition to the oil(Cleaning agent)+MORE
Micro etching liquid series
Micro etching liquid series+MORE
Defoaming agent series
Defoaming agent series+MORE
Weldability protection series
Weldability protection series+MORE
Chemical sink copper series
Chemical sink copper series+MORE
Etching regeneration series
Etching regeneration series+MORE
Chemical nickel gold series
Chemical nickel gold series+MORE
Series of aluminum phosphate solution
Series of aluminum phosphate solution+MORE

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