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Senior experts in research and development team,Attracted the domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment、Original creation process、Each link strict control management...

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Product has been widely used in all kinds of domestic ping change slope project and large industrial projects,Sold to domestic and foreign markets...

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Use of professional team of the enterprise technological expertise,To provide every customer the most perfect solution process,Experience our most intimate service...

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Specialized production,Ten years of focus

HSBC source building materials of choice for you

Production advantageThe advanced technology at home and abroad,Automated production
Professional and technical personnel,The international advanced equipment,Nissan2000Meters above
Professional architectural decoration materials and the integration of the construction team
Full range of building decoration materials,Quality make you satisfied
Quality advantageHigh quality raw materials,Commitment to actual use15Years of above
Arkema with FranceASAHigh weather resistance engineering resin is developed,Entertaining products,Stable performance,Safe and reliable
Suitable for all kinds of villa,Ping change slope,European construction engineering roof decoration、Classical architecture field,The merrill lynch,A professional colorist,Customize your own house design
After advantagePre-sale site survey,After installation and debugging
Professional production team,We have a professional installation team,Ensure the installation debugging
Professional on-site installation guide,After-sale follow-up,Let you have no trouble back at home
The entire professional one-on-one service
Taiyuan city HSBC source building materials co., LTD. Since its establishmentProfessional committed to the outer wall building materials
From the quality of conscience Enterprise future achievements

Taiyuan city HSBC source building materials co., LTD,Is a building materials company focused on building decoration materials。The company formerly known as taiyuan shuangfeng WaChang,Was built in2004Years。The company and its affiliated taiyuan shuangfeng WaChang、Shuangfeng caigang factory three big factory,Total covers an area of about80m,The number of enterprises more than one hundred people。
Taiyuan city from HSBC source building materials co., LTD2004Years since its establishment,Professional committed to the outer wall building materials。Main business product:The new type of cement half wave tile、In the traditional cement(Big)Wave tile...

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The company with its strong technical force、Unified management system、Unified technical standards、Unified test procedures、Advanced detection equipment,And advanced surface treatment technology,Ensure the quality of products。

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